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Internationa Conference on Law and Social Justices

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Borneo Islamic Research Forum

Selyca Mulya Hotel
Jl. Bhayangkara No.58, Kelurahan Bugis, Samarinda
Samarinda, ID

March 21, 2023 – March 21, 2023

In brief historiogra[hy of the development of religion, Islam has an essential role as the trigger for a transformation; in social, cultural, educational, economic, and political realms. From a sociological perspective, the emergence of Islam transforms ancient Arab society from a radical tribal social system to egalitarianism. Thus, the social and cultural system changes along with the indoctrination of Islamic values. In the educational field, for instance, Islam adapts to the existing concept of education. Islam adjusts the normativity of religious teachings eclectically with traditional education. The economic system is also an important variable in transforming old economic values into Islamic economic values. Some of these fields are transformed from one form to another, from one spiritual tradition to several religious practices. Those adaptations are engaged with Islamic values. This transformation took place simultaneously with Islamic teachings, which continued to spread outside the Arabian peninsula. The Borneo island, one of the islands inhabited by many Muslim communities, can be contextualized with Islamic narratives and transformations in the course of Islamic history. Islam can be a potential factor in transformation in various fields; social, economic, cultural, education, law, and politics. Thus, the Muslim community living on the island of Borneo may be able to play this potential role. There are several important reasons why Islam, transformation, and the Borneo island need to be discussed. Through Geo-politics discourse, Borneo is in a central position in the Southeast-Asia Region, a strategic position in cross-continental relations. Borneo is also an island inhabited by people with three sovereign territories; Indonesia, Malaysia, and Brunei Darussalam. Borneo is also the largest landmass in the Southeast Asia Region. These arguments are relevant enough to juxtapose Islam, transformation, and Borneo island. Therefore, the first international conference established by the Borneo Islamic Research Forum found its relevance to be discussed with scholars with the theme "Islam and Transformation in Borneo."

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